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"I am passionate about leaving a world that my children and grandchildren can enjoy"

Hi I'm Luke Malone, Director of Small Business Accounting ltd.

Before I started my business I was racking my brain on how to operate sustainably.


Not only did I feel it was my responsibility to do so. Potential clients are making this a priority when choosing a supplier. This includes their accountant.

 Sustainability and being green is something I have always been passionate about. I have been shocked by big businesses.  They are only just starting to take this serious. And not all of them!

I have found from personal experience they claim to be doing their part. Whilst still printing things that can be stored digitally. Ignoring recycling all together (Both very basic things!!).


All businesses large or small have a responsibility to do their part. 


On my journey I have looked for all sorts of solutions. Early on I found Epic3 here or They plant trees to offset your carbon footprint and give you a certificate here  (all digital of course)


 I am passionate about leaving behind a world that my children and grandchildren can enjoy. 

Epic 3 Partner

Epic3 is a social enterprise and online platform, they run and support many projects to combat climate change. I am proud to be a partner and have 100 trees planted in the name of my business.

I maintain the following sustainable initiatives:

  • ​Paperless - I operate a 99% paperless office

  • Off set carbon with planted Trees 

  • Power - Minimise power usage with good ratings

  • Remote Meetings - Zoom etc preferred

  • Encouraging clients to go paperless with HMRC


If sustainability is important to you, I will be your Small Business Tax Accountant with a small carbon footprint.

Image by Alexander Abero
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