If you would like monthly support or an annual service, please see my price guide below. I have added the basic cost, but these do vary between clients as each business has it's own set of needs.

All of my pricing and services will be tailored to suit your company needs. All fees are agreed before hand so there aren't any surprises.

Annual Pricing:
Perfect for businesses with no staff or lower turnover
My Annual pricing can include:
-End of year accounts submission of the Self-Assessment Tax return or Corporation Tax return.

 This includes the end of year bookkeeping to ensure you are being as tax efficient as possible. Where you have kept your own records I will cleanse the data, ensuring it is accurate.

  Fees Start at £200 for the Self-
£400 for Limited Businesses

Self-Assessment Accountant - Savings on your tax return

Monthly Pricing:
Perfect for businesses with staff or higher turnover

As well as the above my Monthly Pricing can include:
- Payroll/PAYE management, HMRC submissions and PAYE document generation e.g. Payslips 
- Ad-Hoc Accounts Reporting, profit and loss statements, forecasting and budgeting
- VAT Management 
- Bookkeeping 

Fees Start at £50

Limited Business Accountant - Savings on your tax return


If you really aren't sure what you need, maybe your new to business? - Then please book a free call here https://calendly.com/sbaltd/call I can explain what your legal requirements are and how an accountant can help you.

However if you know what you are after please fill in the below:

* All Prices can vary according to the needs of your business. All fees will be agreed upfront, so any changes to the above will be discussed and agreed beforehand. Please read my T&Cs for further details below.